17 May 2015

spreading some internet love

Today is 17th May, Norwegian Constitution Day. It's a really festive day, norwegians dress up and there are parties, music and parades!

What a clever idea! I'm wish-listing this clutch/wrap/purse. Ideal for travelling and actually everyday!

I love Marie TV from Marie Forleo. This recent video on Conscious Parenting was filled with wisdom and definitely not only for parents.

Hello Sandwich is releasing an updated version of her famous Tokyo Guide. Tempted to buy although Japan is not on my future travel plans... (*sigh*)

Excited to see Alexander McQueen's exhibition at the V&A next weekend. I bought the tickets months ago (it's selling out pretty quickly) and had almost forgotten about it!

Not many links today, it's sunshine here in London so let's go and have a picnic! Enjoy your Sunday and the rest of the week.

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