07 June 2015

spreading some internet love

Loved listening to Maria Popova - Cartographer of Meaning in a Digital Age. Do you read her amazing blog Brain Pickings? You should!

10 books for the creative mind

I love this video about Oliver Jeffers!

What is your productivity style?

What to do when you have too many ideas? Oh my, that's me and my racing mind! Some good advice to help you clear your mind on which idea to follow first.

It's my birthday next weekend and of course a picnic is already scheduled with my London friends. This blanket would be perfect.

And finally... it's not easy to think of death or deal with it, but two relevant texts this week might help, one from Joanna Goddard whose family has been strike with death this winter and a facebook post from Sheryl Sandberg following her husband sudden death. Both a good reminder of what really matters!

Let's enjoy life shall we? Have a lovely Sunday folks! It's sunny in London! Yay!

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