05 July 2015

spreading some internet love

Loved this birth announcements ideas.

I suffered with acne through my teenage and early adult years and it can be devastating to your self confidence. This video is very brave. You are beautiful.

Apparently the UK "ranked 13th out of 15 countries for children’s life satisfaction, 13th for agreement with the statement “I like going to school”, 14th for children’s satisfaction with their bodies and 15th for self-confidence". Interesting reflection on aspirational parents.

I don't dream of getting married but if so this casual wedding style would suit us well :)

Speaking of weddings, I was so happy with the US Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage last week. But this post from Will reminded me that despite these great achievements we are still very far from equality, even in the west world. Also this one from Lisa Congdon.

No time to be nice at work.

One hundred words of now.

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