26 November 2015

21 days without you

I remember it clearly. We were in our kitchen in Camden and you looked uneasy. "I have something to tell you". My heart started racing. "What?" I asked nervously. You hesitated and then said

"I want to travel alone"

Jeeeeeeeeeeeez. I started laughing. Relief!

That night was another milestone in our relationship. We talked, laughed and cried and learnt that just because we are together doesn't mean we have to do everything together. That we are still individuals and that being together means supporting each other, and supporting each other's dreams even if it means we are not totally part of them. For years you wanted to travel alone on your own and felt trapped because that's not what you do when you're in a relationship. To hell with that! We make our own rules in our relationship!

So a couple of months later off you went to Malaysia and Borneo for three weeks. I was in the thick of the master's degree toughest time with assignments and exams and had the idea of reporting those days without you. While you scuba dived I submerged under piles of papers and textbooks. While you experimented new foods I survived on easy meals (which may or may not include frozen pizza). While you conquered km I conquered deadlines and exams. While you explored the unknown I relaxed in our familiar neighbourhood. 21 days without you. Printed Instagram images and some notes. A time capsule.

But I still prefer the memories we make together.

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