13 December 2015

spreading some internet love

I've been very inspired by Crystal's "Year of Creative Habits" which I discovered last year. She has now created a course to support your year of creative habits!
In 2016, I'll be beginning again and I'd love for you to join me for a new year of creative habits. This time let's do it together. In December of this year, we'll make a commitment to be creative every day in 2016. We'll make a plan and set ourselves up for success. In January, we'll start. We'll create a trigger and a starting ritual. We'll have a back up plan and emergency kit for when life gets in the way of our creative habits. We'll support each other through the ups and downs and celebrate the small wins along the way.

A nice list: 26 Things Every Person Should Do For Themselves At Least Once A Year. Like this one: Write down a list of things you’re proud of. Things you’re really, sincerely proud of. Things you never thought you could accomplish and have. The kind of gratitude that comes with appreciating what you’ve done for yourself is unmatched. Let yourself keep surprising yourself. Make your own case for why you should trust yourself – then listen. And keep going.

This workshop in a box is so pretty.

What if you could talk to your past self? Two charming videos about it: 1 and 2.

This is a good new year resolution! How to get started.

Loved this text: How to find your voice.
What I don’t like about the expression ‘finding your voice’ is that it’s very mystifying in the minds of young people. It makes you feel — made me feel when I first heard it — that your voice is tied up with your authenticity, that your voice lies deep within you, at some root bottom of your soul, and that to find your voice you need to fall into deep introspection…

I love December as a good looking back and planning ahead time and this is a great tool to prepare the new year! I've been using it for four or five years now and love it!


These weeks before Christmas are filled with social events, work deadlines and gift shopping so we are taking it easy on the weekend to rest and stay at home. It's now dark before 16h inviting to stay home, playing hide and seek and lighting some candles in the evening listening to Christmas songs.

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